Terms & Conditions

Please read this page carefully.

These terms and conditions constitute the legal documentation to ensure that a legally binding contract is in place between us and you.

There are a few simple steps that you need to be aware of before you use our services:

Before you can use our services you need to register for on our site. On registration you may provide a email and a password, keep this safe at all times and do not disclose it to anybody.

If you wish to order Points / Banner / VIP then you must follow the instructions on our site.
When using Quickfolk.com you agree to obey all the rules of the website.
You acknowledge that these rules may change over time and that you will obey their most current form.
We want to make special mention of the following rules:

  • You must not buy or sell Quickfolk.com accounts
  • You must not use VPN, Proxy or other tool for changing your IP address.
  • You must not create multiple accounts otherwise you will get banned.
  • You must not unlike others Facebook pages after you liked them for getting Coins.
  • You must not upload viruses or other malicious code.
  • You must not buy or sell points from an external party.
  • You must not buy points using fraud credit cards or payment accounts.
  • You must not facilitate or encourage any violations of this statement.
  • You must not use bots, auto-clickers, our external scripts on the website.
  • You must not use our system to do anything unlawful, misleading, malicious, or discriminatory.
  • You must not engage in unlawful multi-level marketing, such as a pyramid scheme, on Quickfolk.com.
  • You must not post content that: is hateful, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence.
  • You must not do anything that could disable or impair the proper working of Quickfolk.com.

  • If we disable your account, you must not create another one. Anyone found to be breaking any of these will be permanently removed from Quickfolk.com.

    Please understand that if you refuse to accept these Terms & Conditions, you will not be able to use this site or our services.