1) What is Quickfolk.com?
Quickfolk.com is a website from where you can get for free as many Traffic Exchange, Facebook Likes/Share/Subscribers, Google +1, Instagram, LinkedIn, MySpace, Pinterest, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, Stumbleupon, Twitter, VK, Youtube... as you want. It is a social exchange site.
2) What i can do with Coins?
With Coins you can promote your website or social media page by adding more Likes, Shares, Views etc.
3) How can i earn Coins?
You can earn Coins in two ways:
a) For free, by liking or viewing other pages.
b) By buying them.
4) What is CPC?
CPC means Coins Per Click. Setting higher CPC for what you want others to Share/Follow/Like etc., will get your content listed first and you will get the Likes faster than others with CPC set lower than you.
5) Can i create multiple accounts?
No, our system won't let you to create more than one account per IP.
6) Can i earn real money?
Yes you can. Once you got 10.000 Coins, you can exchange them to 1$. If you have 5$ in your Quickfolk.com, you can easily export the amount directly to your PayPal/Payza account.
7) Will i receive the payment instantly?
No, you will receive the payment in less than 24 hours.
8) Can i withdraw the money i added through the Add Funds page?
Unfortunately no, you can withdraw only the money that you earned on Quickfolk.com.